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Shropshire Teaching Assistant Revealed as Fascist Activist

We can expose another member of fascist party Patriotic Alternative’s West Midlands region, who has been promoting their protest in Cannock this Saturday. Susan Chetta, from Wem, Shropshire, has been photographed at numerous PA events.

Chetta claims to work as a teaching assistant in the Shrewsbury area for Shropshire Council, according to her profile on the business networking website LinkedIn.

shropshire teaching assistant revealed as fascist activist 02

We photographed Chetta at PA’s national hike in the Peak District in July 2022. She has also appeared in pictures released by PA distributing leaflets, protesting Drag Queen Story Hours and more recently at ‘migrant hotel’ protests.

shropshire teaching assistant revealed as fascist activist 03
shropshire teaching assistant revealed as fascist activist 04
shropshire teaching assistant revealed as fascist activist 05

Last weekend Chetta was one of a handful of PA activists to distribute leaflets in Cannock promoting a planned anti-‘migrant hotel’ protest this Saturday, which is being organised by West Midlands PA’s Connor Marlow.

Chetta is one of a very small number of women active in PA. As an organisation PA is almost entirely male-dominated, with nearly all leadership roles filled by men, at every level. Women in PA are encouraged to have children and fulfil a traditional gender role.

There is a common misconception among anti-fascists that PA have close links with transphobic feminists, partly because of their role in anti-Drag Queen protests. While PA are transphobes, they are also virulently anti-feminist.

At least one prominent figure in PA has expressed a desire to see women lose the vote. These fascists and neo-Nazis are generally not interested in allying with people who falsely think trans people undermine women’s rights.

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