Report: Conservative-endorsed “youth” group Turning Point UK linked to political violence

Our report, Turning Point UK: Conservative hooligans, details our undercover infiltration of Turning Point UK (TPUK) which saw members of the group’s secret “elite” Direct Action Team offering to sell offensive weapons to other members ahead of protests which subsequently saw outbreaks of violent disorder.

TPUK has previously been endorsed by several leading figures in the Conservative Party, is involved in far-right street violence and has activists currently in prison.

TPUK’s honorary president, Conservative candidate Marco Longhi may have misled the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards about his relationship to the group.

Allan Jones, a spokesperson for anti-fascist investigators Red Flare, said: “TPUK connects the halls of power to violent neo-Nazis involved in racist attacks. In between schmoozing with Conservative party establishment figures, Jack Ross has been rubbing shoulders with violent neo-Nazis convicted of hate crimes.

“Ross should be expelled from the Conservative party for leading a violent far-right street gang. If the people of Dudley decide to re-elect Marco Longhi, he’s got questions to answer about his relationship with TPUK.”

On 11 November 2023, TPUK mobilised for far-right protests which caused widespread violence and disruption across Westminster, leading to 126 arrests and Suella Braverman’s subsequent resignation as Home Secretary.

If you have any additional information regarding our investigations or any other far-right organisers or activists, please reach out to us confidentially and securely via encrypted channels, using Signal at +447459331025 or via email at [email protected].

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