Patriotic Alternative’s Fitness Officer Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Offences

Yesterday, Kris Kearney (aka “Charlie Big Potatoes”) plead guilty to two offences of disseminating terrorist publications. At the time of the offences, Kearney was fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA)’s national fitness officer.

Following his guilty plea, PA have published a statement attempting to minimise and distance themselves from Kearney’s actions. The statement claims that Kearney did not directly link to terrorist manifestos. This is a lie.

Kearney shared direct links to a number of publications including terrorist manifestos by far-right mass shooters and other documents glorifying and advocating guerrilla warfare tactics and lone-wolf acts of terror.

livestreamers supporting the new fascist party 03

Last week, Labour MP for Knowsley, George Howarth, called for PA to be proscribed under UK counter-terrorism legislation. Following Kearney’s guilty plea, PA’s proscription is more likely.

We are opposed to proscription for a number of reasons. We believe proscribing PA would push them and their supporters underground, and in doing so increase the threat posed by neo-Nazi terrorism.

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