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Patriotic Alternative’s Growing Links to Banned Neo-Nazi Terror Group

Fast-growing fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA) have appointed Sheffield-based Jacob Bewick, another former supporter of proscribed neo-Nazi group National Action (NA), as “fitness officer” for their Yorkshire region.

Following National Action’s proscription in 2016, Bewick has associated with Generation Identity UK and the Football Lads Alliance, before joining PA. Bewick has previously advocated violence against ethnic minorities and claimed that “the real enemy is the Jew”. This kind of racism and anti-Semitism is at PA’s core.

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Bewick is one of several former NA supporters within PA’s ranks. Despite its more “respectable” image, PA shares NA’s murderous neo-Nazi politics.

We previously exposed Sam Melia as PA’s Yorkshire regional organiser. Melia is a former NA supporter who recently had his computers and phones seized and is the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

Kris Kearney, a prominent PA supporter who lives outside the UK, has also claimed to have been a member of the proscribed group. Kearns has claimed that he is unable to return to the UK as he is “wanted” by counterterrorism police.

Former NA supporters’ involvement with PA comes as no surprise. Both groups were started by former members of the British National Party (BNP). NA’s founders, Alex Davies and Ben Raymond, were members of the BNP’s youth wing, which PA founder Mark Collett once led.

Collett has also attended martial arts training sessions with former NA members after the group was banned. James Allchurch, who helps organise PA’s conferences, vocally defended neo-Nazi peadophile Jack Renshaw, who was jailed for child grooming and planning to murder an MP.

Allchurch, known by the online pseudonym “Sven Longshanks”, was a keen supporter of NA before the group’s proscription, and frequently hosted NA leaders Alex Davies and Ben Raymond on his online neo-Nazi radio show.

We will continue to expose the links between PA and NA, which PA are keen to deny.

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