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Livestreamers Supporting the New Fascist Party

Patriotic Talk (PT) is a small yet prolific group of far-right livestreamers and supporters of the new fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA): Chris Mitchell (“Chris Patriotic Talk”), Kris Kearney (“Charlie Big Potatoes”) and Nathaniel Bennett (“Natty”). PT’s livestreams and associated Telegram channels represent a key node within the ethnonationalist social media ecosystem that PA has harnessed for propaganda and recruitment purposes.

We have covered Mitchell, who is PA’s regional organiser for the East of England, in a previous post. Although they do not currently occupy formal positions within PA, PT’s other hosts - Kearney and Bennett - merit attention for a number of reasons.

Originally from Birkenhead, Liverpool, “Charlie Big Potatoes” - Kris Kearney - now resides in Spain.

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Kearney claims to have previously been a member of National Action (NA), the now proscribed neo-Nazi terrorist organisation. Kearney also claims that he is unable to return to the UK because he is “wanted” under the Terrorism Act for his involvement with NA.

Kearney is the owner of several Telegram channels which regularly share overtly neo-Nazi content. Kearney has repeatedly shared what is effectively a reading list for Nazi terrorists, which includes the manifestos of Anders Breivik, Dylan Roof and Brenton Tarrant.

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Kearney claims to be an Iraq veteran and to have served in 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment in the British Army. Kearney recently shared an image of himself posing with a Glock 19 pistol at a shooting range in Dubai, captioned: “We can’t expect God to do all to do all the work”.

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Nathaniel Bennett (known by the online psuedonym “Natty”), lives in Cornwall and is a director of Bennetts Gardens, a family-owned landscape gardening business.

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Alongside Mitchell, Bennett has been one of the key figures in importing the “groyping” phenomenon, where far-right activists push their talking points on radio phone-ins, to the UK.

Bennett is a committed neo-Nazi and anti-Semite and has boasted about promoting Holocast denial in calls to talk radio on ‘Britain’s most racist podcast’ TASOB. Bennett attended the second PA conference in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, in March 2020 as well as the group’s Mam Tor hike/”White Lives Matter” stunt in July 2020.

Despite having evaded a YouTube ban, PT now streams via “alt tech” platform DLive as well as their own website which makes use of PeerTube, a decentralised open-source video hosting technology.

This is emblematic of a broader shift internationally amongst far-right content creators, away from “big tech” and towards more decentralised - and harder to censor - distribution methods.

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