Labour Leader Confronted by Far-Right Activist on Radio Show

This morning Labour party leader Keir Starmer’s radio talk show on LBC was called by a far-right activist promoting racist conspiracy theories.

This caller, introduced as “Gemma from Cambridge”, is a supporter of Patriotic Alternative (PA), the new fascist party founded by former members of the British National Party in September last year.

The caller uses the online pseudonym “Jody Kay” but we can reveal she is Jody Swingler [pictured], originally from Peterborough, a yoga teacher and musician now residing in Ibiza.

labour leader challenged far right activist 02

Swingler started a YouTube channel this June for her far-right activism. On that channel Swingler has created videos about the “White Lives Matter” meme and has recorded shows with the two leaders of PA: Mark Collett and Laura Melia.

labour leader challenged far right activist 03

Swingler has streamed alongside Edward Dutton, the former editor of infamous “race science” journal, Mankind Quarterly, as well as Chris Mitchell, a key figure behind the groyping phenomenon in the UK and PA’s regional organiser for the East of England.

In doing so, Swingler has joined the milieu of British neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic content creators clustered around PA, who use YouTube as well as alternative streaming platforms such as Bitchute and Dlive, which accomodate far-right material.

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Patriotic Alternative Ibiza

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