Kenny Smith

Report: Fascist Party Patriotic Alternative Splits to Form “Most Dangerous Group on the British Far Right”.

Our report, HOMELAND: British Fascism Fractures, details how fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA) has undergone a catastrophic split, marking the end of PA’s reign as the largest and most significant fascist group in the UK.

PA’s former national administration officer, Kenny Smith, has led a large breakaway faction to form a new neo-Nazi party called Homeland. Their inaugural meeting was held on 20 April, a date celebrated by neo-Nazis as the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday.

Homeland intends to register as a political party by stealth, using a fake name and unknown officers to deceive the Electoral Commission. We expect Homeland will pose a serious threat to social cohesion nationally and in the areas they target.

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Homeland, Patriotic Alternative Britain

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