Swindon Council Employee Exposed as Neo-Nazi

We can reveal that a Swindon Council employee has been leading a secret life as a neo-Nazi and recording songs expressing genocidal fantasies. Leon Mayer, of Swindon, Wiltshire, is a member of fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA)’s South West region and a systems development officer for Swindon Borough Council.

Under his fascist pseudonym, “Kumquat Nationalist”, Mayer has created and shared a litany of bizarre and offensive content, expressing abhorrent racist views. His YouTube channel featured a song titled “Day of the Rope”, which he wrote and recorded, and, in which he fantasises about the murder of “race traitors”.

Leon Mayer Patriotic Alternative Red Flare 02 Mayer’s now-deleted YouTube channel

“The Day of the Rope” is a neo-Nazi trope taken from The Turner Diaries, a notorious fictionalised account of white supremacist guerrilla warfare and revolution that has inspired far-right terrorist attacks including the Oklahoma City Bombing and the 1999 London nail-bombings. The term refers to the mass lynching of “race traitors” by white supremacist insurgents. Mayer’s song includes the lyrics: “The tables are turning, the flames are burning as you hang from lamp posts, the day of the rope” / “no mercy for traitors” / “bodies… fill the street”. The video recorded by Mayer features a copy of The Turner Diaries, and zooms in on the “day of the rope” passage from the book, which depicts a mass execution of people in interracial relationships. Mayer’s YouTube channel also featured a song written as a cryptic ode to Hitler.

We identified Mayer with the help of leaks from the far-right social network Gab, published in February 2021. We then began monitoring his pseudonymous social media accounts and were able to photograph him attending multiple PA events.

If you have any additional information regarding our investigations or any other far-right organisers or activists, please reach out to us confidentially and securely via encrypted channels, using Signal at +447459331025 or via email at [email protected].

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