Fascists are Promoting Protests Against Drag Events and Migrants

Fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA) are currently promoting a number of protests against drag events and the housing of migrants in hotels.

fascists are promoting protests against drag events and migrants 02
fascists are promoting protests against drag events and migrants 01

This Saturday, PA’s East of England region are attending a protest against a drag event at Tate Britain in Central London. On 25 February PA’s Yorkshire region are protesting in Skegness and on 25 March PA Wales are holding a protest in the Vale of Glamorgan.

PA have previously held “flash mob” style banner drops, attended protests organised by other groups, or announced protests with one or two days notice. The latest series of protests have been publicly announced in advance.

This marks a significant increase in PA’s confidence when it comes to calling demonstrations. For the first time since the British National Party left the streets in the 1990s, a hegemonic British fascist organisation is returning to street activity.

At the moment, PA are small and wary of being associated with violence. As they grow in strength and confidence the threat they pose to society may increase. PA are fascists and neo-Nazis who fantasise about committing acts of serious violence towards the left and minorities.

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Patriotic Alternative Britain

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